Construction project: Kindergarten

On our fully automatic timber framing plants we produce your cutting from carport to roof truss precisely and reliably. We assume work preparation with a CAD system made for timber construction.


List of sawn timber

Order no. amount
[per piece]
linear meter
GL28c 1 11,010 8,885 0,423 160,7
GL32c 4 24,286 51,504 3,738 1532,6
GL32h 1 10,158 9,050 0,458 196,9
KVH 459 1674,725 1025,251 32,092 16046,0
Gesamt 465 1720,179 1094,690 36,711 17936,2

List of connection means

Name Amount Connection
BMF rafter-to-purlin connector 170 UNI   Pliers on inferior purlin
BMF rafter-to-purlin connector 250 right    
BMF angle connector 90 m.R..   rafter on brink
BMF angle connector 90 m.R..    
BMF perforated plate 120x240x2,0mm.    
BMF column bases Typ IS MAXI    
BMF joist hangers 80x120 27 pc. rafter stitches/verge
BMF joist hangers 80x180 14 pc. rafter on purlin crown
BMF angle connector 90 m.R..    
BMF angle connector 105 m.R..    
BMF angle connector 105 m.R.    
BMF joist hangers Typ 140x180    
Upat Express anchor EXA 10/5 gvz    
Upat Express anchor EXA 10/5 gvz  
Cap nuts for M12 bolt    
Washers for M12 bolt with    
M12 threaded rod 1.00m long    
Bolt M12x160 galvanized    
Bolt M16x240 galvanized    
Bolt M12x220 galvanized    
Bolt M12x160 galvanized    
Bolt M12x280 galvanized    
Bulldog dowel DS 48    
Bulldog dowel DS 62    
Geka washers 58x14x6mm    
Geka washers 68x18x6mm    
BMF ribbed nails 4.0x40 500 BMF connector
Bulldog dowel one-sided D95    
BMF ribbed nails 4.0x60    
230 wire nails 10 Kg jack-rafters
160 wire nails 10 Kg. jack-rafters
3.8x100 wire nails   nails
3.4x70 wire nails 5Kg ridge sheet
BMF rafter nails 6.0x260 280 pc. rafter /Mpf&Fpf.
BMF rafter nails 6.0x330 30 pc. 28 rafter on purlin
4.2x150 Bilo rafter nails    
BMF assembly belt 40x2.0mm. 50 linear meters per roll 2 rolls roof reinforcement
BMF assembly belt 60x2.0mm. 50 linear meters per roll